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The cheap American Fridge freezers are less likely not to have all the flashy gadgets and fittings that you see on the more expensive models. The cheapest models all tend to have the standard features such as automatic defrosting, ice making compartment etc However it is possible for get high end cheap American fridge freezers. Many high st department stores have them on display for the members of the public to look at them, so they can actually see the fridge before they buy. Once the particular display model becomes discounted i.e no longer made by said manufacturer, these stores often heavily discount the fridge. This is a great way to get you cheap American Fridge freezers. Some towns also have white good discount stores. These stores are loaded with brand new kitchen white goods, that have be discontinued and replaced my new models by the manufacturer, so any remaining discontinued stock the manufacturers may have are sold off to these discount warehouse who in turn sell of the American fridges at a heavily discount rate. You can also get cheap American Fridge freezers if you are amiable to having a second-hand one. Online is a great way to get a fridge second-hand. EBay, or online classifieds such as craigslist often have listings of people looking to sell of their fridges. There are often lots of adverts as even the cheapest American Fridge freezers tend to be large in size when people move to smaller properties sometimes the kitchens in their new homes are too small to accommodate such a large kitchen appliance. Also when looking for a cheap American fridge freezer you should canister that make of appliance you want to buy. Certain makes and models are cheaper than others. Brand new Prices can vary from $1000 - $5000 (800-4000). But some can be much expensive and cheaper than this. The main thing is when looking for Cheap American fridge freezers, is to shop around. Look for deals on line like and ebay and amazon and look for the cheapest deals in stores discontinued lines and models

In reference to makes of American fridge freezers, Samsung American Fridge Freezers and LG American Fridge Freezers tend to be more cheap than other models

How to make a white Cheap American fridge freezers into a stainless steel one