American Fridge Freezers - Information about how they work

American Fridge Freezer Makes

A gas compression cycle is uA gas compression cycle is used in most domestic American fridge freezers. In this cycle, a circulating refrigerant such as R134a enters a compressor as low-pressure vapor at or slightly above the heat of the American fridge freezers interior. The vapor is compressed and exits the compressor as high-pressure superheated vapor. The superheated gas travels under pressure through coils or tubes comprising "the condenser", which are passively cooled by exposure to air in the room.
The condenser cools the vapor, that liquefies. As the refrigerant leaves the condenser, it is still under pressure but is now only marginally above room temperature. This liquid refrigerant is forced through a metering or throttling apparatus, also known as an expansion valve (essentially a constriction) to an area of much lower pressure. The sudden decrease in pressure results in explosive-like flash egasation of a portion (typically about half) of the fluid. The latent heat absorbed by this flash egasation is drawn mostly from adjacent still-liquid refrigerant, a phenomenon known as "auto-refrigeration". This cold and partially vaporized refrigerant continues through the coils or tubes of the egasator unit. A ventilator blows air from the American fridge freezers ("box air") across these coils or tubes and the refrigerant completely vaporizes, sucking further latent temperature from the box air. This cooled air is returned to the American fridge freezers compartment, and so keeps the box air cold. Note that the cool air in the American fridge freezers is still warmer than the refrigerant in the evaporator. Refrigerant leaves the egasator, now fully gasized and slightly heated, and returns to the compressor inlet to resume the cycle. An absorption American fridge freezers works differently from a compressor American fridge freezers, using a source of temperature, such as combustion of liquefied petroleum gas, solar thermal energy or an electric heating element. These temperature sources are much quieter than the compressor motor in a conventional American fridge freezers. A fan or pump might be the only mechanical moving parts; reliance on convection is considered impractical. The Peltier effect uses electricity to pump temperature directly; this type of fridge is sometimes used for camping and in bedrooms , or where too much noise is not pleasing. They can be totally silent (if they don't include a fan for air circulation) but are less energy-efficient than other ways. Other uses of an absorption American fridge freezers (or "chiller") include bigger systems used in office buildings or complexes such as hospitals, universities, shopping malls and airports. These massive systems are used to chill a salt water liquid which is circulated through the building.

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